Ambulatory phlebectomy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure used to remove bulging varicose veins located just below the skin. Phlebectomy is performed under local anesthesia. Several small incisions are made in order to extract the bulging varicose vein. Since the incisions are so small, stitches are not required and there is minimal scarring which usually disappears entirely within six months after the procedure. The procedure is called "ambulatory" because the patient is able to walk right away.

Before recommending an ambulatory phlebectomy, the doctor will perform a full medical examination to determinethe cause of the pain, and whether or not the procedure is most appropriate for the patient's condition. Ambulatory phlebotomy is an outpatient procedure performed in the doctor's office. The patient will experience little or no pain and is able to walk immediately following the surgery. They may feel relief from their symptoms right away, however,there may be some degree of residual tenderness and discomfort for up to a week after the procedure.