Leg cramping is commonly caused by venous reflux (chronic venous insufficiency). Many patients experience muscular tightening or painful cramping at night. The relationship between venous insufficiency and leg cramping is poorly understood. It is sometimes difficult to predict which leg cramp patients will respond to treatment for vein disease.

There are other causes of leg cramping in addition to venous disease. Muscular cramping due to vein disease is usually worsened by prolonged standing or inactivity. Cramping at night is also commonly due to vein disease. Calf cramping with exercise may be due to arterial disease, and unrelated to venous insufficiency. With arterial disease, the cramping, most often occurring in the buttocks, calves, and thighs, occurs after walking, exercise, or exertion and is alleviated quickly with rest.

If leg cramping is causing you discomfort or keeping you awake at night, a medical examination can help determine the cause. Contact our office today for an appointment.